John Brenneman

Der John M. Brenneman (1816-1895) waar en mennischder Breddicher in Ohio. Er hot en Old Order - Progressive Schplitt weckhalde welle (Wisler, 1993:2).

En Quote vun em John M. Brenneman (1870's)
"If something is not soon done to prevent it [a split in Elkhart, Indiana between progressives and conservatives], the split will not stay in the Elkhart Church. If the matter is left alone, it will be like a wildfire. It will soon spread far and wide...Perhaps if the matter would be attended to soon an entire split throughout our churches might yet be prevented. But unless the sore is healed in Elkhart and that soon, and entire split is sure to follow
(Weiler (aus Amos B. Hoover (1982)The Jonas Martin Era Persented in a Collection of Essays, Letters and Documents that Shed Light on the Mennonite Churches During the 50 Year Ministry of Jonas H. Martin, Denver, Pennsilfaani: Schreiwer, p. 912), 1993:2)."


Weiler, Lloyd M. (1993) An Introduction to Old Order Mennonite Origins in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: 1893-1993, Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, Vol. 16, No. 4.